Easy Balloon Monkey Making tricks


Easy Balloon Monkey Making tricks

Hello everyone. In this video, I’m going to teach you how to make a monkey in a tree. This is a real crowd-pleaser.I like the fact that it’s really big so if you’re working an event – let’s say you’re being paid by the hour. You make some of these and people will be walking around the event and everybody will see this. And your host who hired you will know that you’re doing your job. And if you’re vending, this is almost like free advertising. You offer this, you make it and people will walk around with this and they’ll say “gosh that’s a really cool monkey on a tree.” And they’ll try and find the balloon artist who is out there making them. You only need three balloons. It takes a little time but I think it’swell worth it and in fact, this is perhaps one of the most popular balloons that I’ve made when I’m doing balloon gigs.

So here we go, a monkey and a tree.For this monkey balloon, you’re going to need three balloons. One balloon will form the trunk. The other one will form the monkey itself and finally, you have one last balloon which will represent leaves. Let’s start with the monkey.

First of all, let’s take a look at the first-person view and then we’ll come back and show it to you from this view. First of all, inflate your balloon to about three or four inches from the end. Starting at the nozzle you’re going to make abasic twist about an inch and a half long. Make a pinch twist here. Make another basic twist of about an inch long. Now make a pinch twist here to match the one here. You’ll have something that looks like this.

Now you’re going to twist this base of the ear into this base of the ear. Should these two together and now grab the entire assembly here and twist just as if you’re screwing on the lid of a peanut butter jar. And there you have a monkey’s head. Now the rest of the monkey is actually just a variation on a dog balloon. So you’re just going to make a neck with a basic twist. I’m going to make a couple of short front legs or arms maybe about two or three inches long. You can use the fast method if you like to make the lock twist. You can see the basic monkey forming.

Make a basic twist for the body and make two hind legs to match the front legs. So here we go. And there you have it. A monkey balloon that is ready to be placed onto your tree. Inflate your balloon to about three to four inches from the end. Starting at the nozzle, you’re going to make a basic twist of about an inch and a half. Now you’re going to make a pinch twist – a small pinch twist.

Now you’re going to make a small basic twist try and make it round so it should be about an inch in diameter. Now you’re going to make one more pinch twist to match this pinch twist You’ll have something that looks like this. Now, this is the spot that that twists a lot of people up. You’re actually going to grab this entire assembly here and spin it around just like you’re screwing on the top of a peanut butter jar.

So let me show you what goes on. Push these two together. Take these three segments and twist them. Adjust the ears And you’ll have the head of a monkey. Now make a basic twist of about an inch here or half an inch. From this point, you’re essentially making the body of a dog. You’re going to make a couple of short arms, short legs and the remaining part of the balloon will become the tail. So let’s do that. So you’re doing is two basic twists and the lock twist or you can use the streamlined method.

Let’s do the two basic twists. First, so you’ll want to make two basic twists of about three inches and there you have arms for a monkey. Make a basic twist of about three inches. Now repeat – making legs here about the same size. I’ll use the streamlined method here. And there you have a monkey and the remaining part of the balloon becomes the tail as it does with a dog.

I came up a little short here but all you do is just kind of press forward and fill in there and you can give it a little twist. And there you have your monkey for your tree. You’re just going to start out with a balloon for the trunk of the tree and you’re pretty much inflating it all the way. We’re gonna use yellow here.

Get your money balloon and simply feed the legs onto your tree trunk. And you’ll have a monkey on a tree trunk.finally let’s get to the leaves. With your third balloon that will representthe leaves, you can inflate the balloon almost all the way. I’ve left maybe halfan inch at the end. So here’s what I like to do. There are all kinds of variationswhich I’ll discuss. But take your nozzle end and just make a small basic twist. You can make a pinch twist at this point which would make for a more stable leaf structure. So it depends on how much timeyou have. You want to take the extra care it will make a more stable tree.

Now what I like to do is just make a couple of big loops here and I like to make them uneven because I think it makes the tree look a little cooler. So let’s just make a leaf here. A big fold twist and the remaining part will be one more leaf. And you’re just going to leave a little basic twist at the end to twist into here. So actually, let’s just do that. We’ll do a basic twist here and twist it into this right here. I now have a couple of giant foldloops. What I like to do is just twist in here – it’s a little awkward – but I just twist in here to make give it more of a leaf structure. Let me show you what that looks like. Same thing over here. And that gives you kind of a palm-tree look with the leaves.

Now put it all together. Take your tree trunk make abasic twist at the top and all you’re doing is twisting this into this structure here. And there you have a monkey on a tree. Well, I hope you were successful at making your monkey on a tree. If so, please give us a “like” and please comment below if there are any balloons that you’d like to see. And please subscribe. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next time

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