Easy Romantic Balloon Making Trick In English


If you’d like to learn how to make some romantic balloon sculptures stay tuned Hello, I’m Wayne Kawamoto. You’ll find romantic balloon sculptures to be perfect for Valentine’s Day or for that someone very special. Let’s get started.

Perhaps the most elegant of the romantic balloon sculptures is this one they use swans. We show two variations here and you can put it on a twist to make something to hold. You’re going to start out with a swan. You’ll need one 260 balloons.

Inflate to about three inches from the end. Now, taking the nozzle, you’re going to make a loop that may be about two-thirds of the length of your inflated balloon. So again, two-thirds of the balloon is dedicated to this loop. You just twist the nozzle in. Now notice, I have the center and I’m off-center there and I’m forming two giant fold loops one is larger than the other. It’s just a slight offset from the center.

Now I make a basic twist separating the longest one into two basic twists and then I push it through the smaller loop and that gives me the body of the Swan. A pinch twist at the base of the neck and you can see the swan coming together. Now you’re going to bend the neck and kind of squeeze and the uninflated end of the balloon actually becomes the beak.

So that’s kind of the crucial thing here but with a little manipulation, you add a curve and squeeze it and it turns into the Swan. A little adjustment and there you have our Swan. Make two swans. Now you’re going to make the heart.inflate the red balloon almost to the end or to the end. You’re going to find the center and then you’re going to use a couple of basic twists to just twist the very ends together making a loop.

Now take the middle and pull it down – you’re going to be stressing the balloon here so you’re just kind of forming the center and the curves. It might take you a little bit but you make a heart. The more fully you inflate the balloon, typically the better and cleaner the heart. Now it may seem a step backward but you’re going to untwist your heart balloon separating the two ends.

And now we’re going to place the two Swanballoons that you just made. Now what you’re doing is in the body of the Swanyou’re going to insert the end of the heart through the center of the back. There’s an opening there right there you can see my finger there and you just push the end of the balloon through and the Swan resides on your balloon heart. I’m going to repeat this with the second swan again: through the back – I will speed it up a little here. Now you have two swans on your heart.

You twist the basic ends together again at the bottom to complete your heart and a few adjustments and there you have two Swanson a heart. Now if you want to add a twist so it’s something easy to carry around, it’s going to take another balloon. Inflate it all the way. I used grey here.Fold it in half with a twist – just make a basic twist in the middle. And now you’re going to just twist it in this manner. And then a couple of basic, a basic twist at the top to join it and it’s an easy matter to now attach the bottom of the heart to the twist just by intertwining the basic twists at the base of the heart and at the top of your twist.

There you have it two swans on a heart. Two lovebirds sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G -“ing.” Actually these lovebirds are sitting in a heart but you’ll find them K-I-S-S”ing.” I hope you have fun with this one. Let’s start with our lovebirds. A white balloon or any color that you wish about two inches of uninflated End. Make a basic twist three or four inches in length. You’re going to make a three balloon push through.

So there’s the first basic twist, a lock twist, and a third basic twist to match. Push this through and you have a three balloon push through. You have the tail and body of one bird. Now you’re going to make the heads here.Now notice I’m squeezing it. I’m making it soft. I’m trying to make a soft maybe about two to three inches long. You’re going to actually make two heads here.You’ll see what happens.

Now you make a basic twist in preparation of a three balloon push through. There’s the second basic twist with a lock twist. One more basic twist to match. Push it through and you have two bodies and two tails. Now you’re going to take that middle segment there – remember we made it soft. And you make a basic twist and separate it in half. Now you have the two lovebirds and just intertwine details and there they are. Get your marker out if you like and make some eyes – kind of cute round eyes or if they’re kissing, I don’t know if you know this but birds close their eyes when they kiss.

Now we’re going to make the heart, Inflate the balloon almost all the way and make a basic twist at the bottom to join the two ends. The more you inflate the balloon the cleaner your heart will look. You’re going to take the middle of the balloon and pull it down. causing stress and just kind of wiggle the areas around.You have to play with this.

Again, the more fully inflated the balloon usually the better and smoother the heart. But if you’re handing these out you know its nice to keep it softer so they don’t tend to pop as much, but that’s up to you.Take your lovebirds, twist them into the bottom of the heart. Now they’re going to naturally want to mount on the heart perpendicular to the heart. You can see right here that’s the way they naturally fall on the heart and that’s the most stable position for the birds.

It doesn’t make quite a picture-perfect image you might like so if you like and it won’t be as stable but I’ll show you where we’re just going to turn it.

Turn the tails and now you have a little bit more of a picture-perfect kind of lovebirds on a heart is there anything more romantic than arose and in this segment, we’re going to teach you how to make two rose balloons. This is the rosebud a very simple of fairly fast to make and it looks great.

You’ll need one red 260 and one green 260. Start with your red- maybe three inches from the end uninflated.You’re going to make a series of pinch twists. That’s the first. one second one and number three. This will form the central part of the flower and notice, I’m adjusting the pinch-twist and it should look something like this. See how they’re all at an angle. I guess you can call that a perpendicular angle and that will form the center of the rose.

Now we’re ready for the rest of the flower. You’re going to make a balloon segment basic twist of about four inches in preparation for making the three balloon push through. So you’re going to make a second lock twist here or make a lock twist with the second basic twist in the process and one more push this through and you have your basic bud. This Bud’s for you.

It doesn’t look like much right now but it’s amazing and this goes for all the roses that we teach. You’re going to rip the balloon now and like I said it doesn’tlook like much right now but when you add the green stem, it really comes alive.Tie it off and that’s our rosebud. Get your green balloon maybe 2 inches from the end. I’m gonna take the nozzle and the end that was remaining on the bud and tie them tightly together.

Now for threefold twists: there’s one, two, and three. Adjust them around the bud and you can see how this rosebud comes alive and that’s your rose balloon the rosebud.

This second rose is a little more elaborate, a fuller rose that takes a little more effort. you need one red two sixty and one Greentwo sixty starting with your red balloon maybe three four inches from the end I’mgonna make a pinch twist actually gonna make three of them so that’s the secondbasic twist which will turn into a pinch twist and one more turn them perpendicular to each otherand you have the center of the rose now notice what I’m doing here I’m squeezingthe balloon distributing the air and just leaving a little nozzle at the veryend using this nozzle.

I’m gonna wrap it into the base of the three pinch twists maybe it looks like a giant engagement ring at this point you can call it whatever you want now we’re going to separate the loop into three sections essentially three big or fold twists there you have it something that looks like a propeller now is the tricky part you’re going to slip one end of each of these loops through each other so there you can see how I did.

the first one and it’ll cause the pedals to bend and give height tothe balloon so yeah I’m just and you do this across the board one into the otherwe have another one here takes quite a bit of adjustment here you’ll have toplay around with this but in the end after you’ve done that you’ve createdthe rose itself few more adjustments this one doesn’t look like much untilyou put the green stem on and it comes aliveget your green balloon inflate it to maybe an inch or two from the end nowI’m making a small basic twist and all I’m doing is just shoving this basictwist into the base of the rose flower

So just push it in just kind of jams and you can also use a pinch twist there and it’s actually fairly secure even though perhaps it’s not as secure as some of the other balloons we make when we connect them now make a small basic twist at the base of the flower and now you’re gonna make three full twists it’s 2/3 the adjustments and there you have a rose the classic balloon flower is always a big hit here’s how to make it and of course we do have a video dedicated to making balloon flowers that will show you some other variations ready to make your first flower balloon we’re gonna teach you.

the basic method first you’ll need one color balloon andone green balloon inflate the color balloon with about an inch of uninflatedand you’re gonna make a fold twist about three inches high and you make a secondfull twist and from here you’re essentially just repeating the processto make five petals

Now this method is the easiest method to make a flower butit is time-consuming and we’re gonna show you a technique in just a moment onhow to make these very quickly an advanced technique now here I’m rippingthe balloon you can just use scissors to take off the remaining balloon and that you have perhaps I’ll show you how to do that this technique in another video

butyou can just use scissors to cut off the end of the balloon and then tie it offfive fold twists and you have with a little bit of adjustment here a basic flower balloon your petals now you need to make the stem you take a greenballoon inflate it to about a half inch from the end now I’m gonna make a pinchtwist here

but if you like you can keep it as a basic twistI think the pinch twist gives a more finished look without having the nozzleof the balloon showing and you place it in the centerof the pedals and there you have it now at this point the balloon flower isfacing up by putting a pinch twist just a little after the balloon it makes theballoon flower face forward and I think that’s a better look it’s personalpreference but that’s normally what I like to do

now you make a fold twist forone leaf another fold to twist for the second leaf and there you have it yourfinished basic flower ready to go now we’re going to teach you a fast way thatthe professionals use to make the flowers to make a six pedalled flowerinflate to about two inches from the end now what you’re going to do is tie aloop now notice something here I’m actually tying it without using all ofthe uninflated and I want a little bit of slack in the balloon and then at thispoint I’m actually squeezing the balloon so it distributes the air throughout Iwant the balloon soft if it’s too hard

it’s gonna tend to pop now I make atwist in the middle so I essentially create out of one balloon two big basic twists and we’re ready to go you’re gonna divide the balloon into thirds think thirds so and you twist at the Third Point try and keep these seven as you can because it will affect the proportions of your final flower there it is a stack of three pairs and here you squeeze and twist I’m gonna show this to you again.

because that is a fairly complex move and does require some strength here we go showing you the stack of three pairs of balloon twist basic twists now watch I squeeze in and then I twist and there you have it a six peddledflower undoubtedly when you first try this you’re gonna get odd proportions and such but with some practice, you’ll be able to do this quickly and learn anyway I hope you found this video useful thank you so much for watching and please subscribe and there’s a lot more balloon videos coming down the pike please comment and let me know what balloons you’d like to see taught in these videos we’ll see you next time

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