Card Magic Tricks for a beginner in English


 Card Magic Tricks for a beginner in English

Hello everyone. In this post, I’m going to teach you a variation on Three Card Monte. It’ a very simple version they use gaffed cards. And you need gaffed cards so we have a free download that you’ll be able to print out so you have all the cards that you need to perform the trick. 

So first, let’s see what the trick looks like, and then I’ll show you how to do it. I have here three cards. I want you to try and remember the cards. You don’t have to remember the suits necessarily but we’re going to remove one and let’s see you’ll be able to remember which card it is. 
So you have it? Alright, I turn this around and now I’m going to remove one of the cards right here. Now, in fact, I’ll make it easy for you. I’m actually going to show you the other two cards. Do you remember what this card is? If you said the Queen you’re absolutely right. 

Now you can use regular playing cards for this trick as I am here. These are ordinary cards but I found that a lot of people want to perform this trick but they didn’t want to cut a playing card and ruin a deck of cards in their house. So that’s the reason why I have the printout. So what you’re going to need to do is download the printout which has faces of cards and you’ll notice there are two backgrounds for the cards. 
The first one is a full-color one so if you want to go all out and have nice colorful backs to your cards, you can download that one.

And print that on your color inkjet or laser printer. If you want to minimize the amount of toner that you’re using and save on your toner or ink, print out the kind of simple greyscale back. Cut the cards out and then you’re going to have to glue the backs onto the faces of the card. Keep in mind that the printouts won’t allow you to print on one side and then print the other side of a single sheet of paper. I wasn’t able to quite get that to work. 

So you’re going to have to cut out backs, cut out the faces and then glue them together to make playing cards. And it does help you to use heavier paper or even a light cardstock so they resemble playing cards. Once you have your cards made which they’re just ordinary cards, at this point you’re going to take one of the number cards and cut it in half as I did here. And you’ll notice I have a piece of tape so here’s the setup. 

You’re going to take one of your other number cards to remember you have one face card which is different and that one you definitely don’t want to involve in the gimmick. So take your half card, flip it over, and now the sticky side is down. 
Now I always tape it this way because there let me show you, I’m just going to tape it on right now and that means the tape is hidden under here. If you tape it right here then people might notice the tape and I’ve had kids tell me that that has happened. 

So you want to put the tape underneath and then you have this flap and that half card flap is the secret to the trick. So to set up the trick with your flap and your cards take your face card place it under the flap and take your last card and place it in front and that’s the display right there. You show three cards and I think you’d agree that looks quite innocent, quite normal. 

Now you tell them it’s three-card monte and to remember the numbers. The suits don’t matter. And then the three-card Monte comes into play. Turn the cards over. Now I just grab it and turn it over just like that. Now you’re going to pull out the middle card. Well, what spectators don’t know is it’s actually the Queen that’s right there in the middle. 

So you’re going to pull this out. Now you’ll notice you already have the Queen you could end the trick there because you can ask them what this card and they’ll have no idea that it’s the Queen. But you’ll notice that I turned these cards around in the demo. 
But you can’t turn them over like this because there’s that extra card there. So what I did in the demo part is I used my little finger here to push the card up and then I can show the two cards and then reveal the Queen. So that’s the first method we’re using the pinky. Second method. We’ll start the trick over here just for explanation. 

Three cards, remove the Queen. What spectators don’t know is that you take the other card and just push this card up and show it. And then at that point you ask them what this card is and then you show them that it’s the Queen and you have a fantastic trick that you can perform for your family and friends. It gets a great reaction. Well, I hope you have fun performing this trick for your friends and family. Please give us a like and please subscribe for more magic lessons in the future. Also, please comment below if you have any questions or if you have any tricks that you would like us to teach in the future. Thank you so much for watching. See you next time. 

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